EartH (Evolutionary Arts Hackney) is a multi-arts space for the 21st Century. Programming is broad, global, open and rooted in the highest quality artistic pursuit. We seek to bring together both the leading, rising and most important talents of all fields under one roof and provide a vital new home for this in London, for people of all different ages. EartH looks to become a leading light in the city for audiences from all walks of life to meet, listen, watch, dance and enjoy all artistic endeavour and creativity has to offer. 

Programming prioritises artists, individuals and groups who attempt to innovate, progress and collaborate their craft to push creativity forwards. The schedule looks to be balanced, inclusive and reflective of the way in which great cities like London thrive on variation, integration and forward-thinking. We present a very carefully-considered calendar of events to audiences, as a truly exciting, essential and dynamic new force in the arts. 

The venue consists of two distinct performance spaces, pictured below.

Theatre - Unallocated Seating (Upstairs)
Concert Hall - Standing (Downstairs)