EartH's Bar + Kitchen is open before all shows in the theatre for pre-show drinks -- find out more


EartH is undergoing refurbishment work to provide level access to both venues. Until this work is completed we will not be able to promise level access to the upper venue (the Theatre). If you require level access to attend please contact us before purchasing tickets so we can advise you of where the works have got to.

The downstairs venue (Concert Hall) is unseated for most of our events. If you do require a seat, we can provide you with an allocated space by the stage within our viewing area for live and DJ led music events.

In the Theatre, all events are seated, but should you require a space for a wheelchair we have an accessible platform by the stage.

We offer a 2 for 1 ticket policy for personal assistants. This arrangement is made through the venue and not the ticketing agencies, please contact us for more details.

Unfortunately EartH Kitchen does not currently have level access. We have an entrance staircase with 16 steps and handrails. We will be making some changes very soon to allow access for manual wheelchair users. For further information on this or any other access queries please email [email protected]

Please email [email protected]. If the event is sold out we cannot sell extra tickets. All accessible areas and seat / area allocations are subject to availability.

Getting To EartH

Details of local transport links and distances of stations and stops from the venue can be found on our contact page.

Local Parking

Blue bay parking can be found reasonably close to the venue – there is an online map here.

Getting Into EartH

People with disabilities are offered priority entry. Please contact us prior to arrival to arrange this.

Accessible Bar

There is an accessible bar in the Concert Hall.

Visiting the Building

EartH doorways are standard 165cm double doors, hallways are 180cm and the toilet cubicles are also standard with a 45cm turning circle. These are all designed to building control safety regulations, as are the access toilets at 220cm deep x 150cm wide. Toilet seats are ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant at 38cm wide.

The EartH Theatre has unallocated wooden seating that is 20cm high and 65cm deep.

If you require alternative seating, please get in touch with [email protected] to discuss the best options for you.

Venue Evacuation

In the event of an emergency where we need to evacuate the building, we ask that wheelchair users remain in the designated viewing area until assistance is given from a member of staff.


If you use a wheelchair and want to go outside to smoke please inform a member of staff and we will give you access to the rear exit.

Deaf and Visual Impaired Customers

Visually impaired customers are more than welcome to use the accessible viewing area if they would like to. Assistance dogs may be allowed into the venue depending on the type of event.

Alternatively, we are able to accommodate one assistance dog in our production office for the duration of the event but they will have to be happy to share this space with our very friendly English Bull Terrier, Biba.

People with Photosensitive Epilepsy

We use strobe and flashing lighting in the venue and if you need any further information about this please ring the venue on 0207 422 7505 and ask to speak to Josh or Amelie.