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Biig Piig

19:00 - 23:00
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Big Piig is a once-seen-not-forgotten new talent who draws on a unique and diverse upbringing. As a child she experienced a changing landscape of cultures, having been born in Ireland and moved to Spain (before relocating to London and working as a poker dealer).

Jess arguably found her voice as a founding member of Nine8 Collective alongside Lava La Rue, a London-based crew of 12 creatives who still collaborate and support each other through the arts. And from early tracks like ‘Vice City’ – as debuted on COLORS – to 2018’s debut EP, the audio-visual soundtrack ‘Big Fan of The Sesh, Vol.1’, Biig Piig has shown an innate gift for storytelling and has since released ‘A World Without Snooze, Vol. 2’.

Here are intimate, affecting and often brutally frank vignettes on those first loves (and losses); of a young generation navigating their way through late-night city life; and in a sound that draws effortlessly from the worlds of hip-hop, jazz, poetry, soul and R&B, songs, too, about embracing who you are and what you want. It’s all there in the striking pseudonym of Biig Piig itself, which Jess arrived at after drunkenly reading the name off a pizza menu and relating to its acceptance that we are all, in a sense, a bit of a mess.


11-17 Stoke Newington Rd Dalston London N16 8BH

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