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Ginger Root

19:00 - 23:00



Ginger Root
Winona Forever

This event will take place in EartH Theatre.

With so many artists you find yourself wondering if the project is their own, or rather thatof an entire team making decisions, writing songs, and delivering aesthetic. In the case ofGinger Root it’s truly a project of a single mind. Cameron Lew captains the ship of Ginger Root,and demands a high level of artistic integrity in the project. Lew is able to write, record, and mixthe music while creating the art and videos from scratch.

His ability to make Ginger Root something completely of his own mind is part of what makes theproject so undeniably unique. Lew’s split ability does not make his art suffer, but rather creates auniverse around it that fans are endlessly. enamored with. This ability is a result of his time aseditor on film sets after college, and not only does it impact the visual language, it also createsan attention to detail that feels unmatched.

The path to success did not come overnight, but rather at a gradual pace. The project delivered it’s first album in collaboration with Acrophase Record, Mahjong Room, in 2018 and really hasnot stopped since. Between each project Ginger Root has played alongside tons of modernIndie standouts like Khruangbin, Durand Jones, Omar Apollo, The Marias, and Hippo Campusto name a few.

After releasing their sophomore album, Rikki, in 2020 with much of it feeling lost to the moments of that year Lew decided to take a step back and try to write a succinct project to try and keeplisteners engaged for as long as possible. The result of this redirection of energy was pairedwith a newfound influence from Japanese art and culture after Lew immersed himself whilelearning to speak the language. All of this was packaged and delivered on City Slicker in 2021. With this batch of songs Ginger Root finally saw his hard work pay off in a major way. The project connected with a massive audience on the internet, and resulted in songs like JubanDistrict and Loretta exploding. Ginger Root’s internet presence grew steadily as well with hisyoutube amassing 160,000 subscribers and his Spotify nearly hitting 1 million monthly listeners.

Now Ginger Root sets out to deliver a complimentary EP and continue to captivate fans with hisrich visuals and lush sounds that he seemingly never fails to deliver. Nisemono arrives inSeptember of 2022 along with their first headline tour in America

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This is a 16+ event. Each under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult who is over 21 (1:1 ratio). In order to verify your age, ID may be requested. For this reason, we advise that all customers bring valid ID. For further information see Age and ID in FAQ’s. Right of admission reserved.


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