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The Open City Thornton Lecture: Kate Macintosh

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The show is scheduled to start at 7.15pm

Open City is a charity dedicated to making London and its architecture more open, accessible and equitable. Their programmes – from the Open House Festival and its international network, to their pioneering education projects – open up buildings, conversations and careers to those normally locked out of them. We will be hosting their event with Kate Macintosh for their annual Thornton Lecture in EartH Theatre, co-hosted by Open City, The London Society, the Museum of Architecture and the 20th Century Society.

The buildings of the remarkable Scottish architect Kate Macintosh, are enduring highlights of the heyday of British public architecture. From a young age Macintosh built world-class council homes which are still much-loved by their residents today. For many, her architecture, and that of her peers embodies a more caring moment of British history, one in which decent housing and civic facilities were understood as every citizen’s right.

Now no longer practicing as a designer, Macintosh is a tireless and tenacious housing campaigner. Her passion and clarity in dissecting the UK housing crisis is second to none, and her analysis of the political and economic forces that shape the built environment today challenges the roots of the British housing sector.


11-17 Stoke Newington Rd Dalston London N16 8BH

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Kate Macintosh
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