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Live music at EartH Hall

Following in the tradition of hedonistic and vibrant Dalston basement venues, EartH Hall is modern, sleek, intimate and energetic underground space. It’s our grand and expensive Art Deco EartH theatre’s underground sister venue.

Completing a full refurbishment in 2022, and with our team continuously making upgrades (including a BRAND NEW GREEN ROOM renovated in March 2024) if you’ve not seen the hall for several years we highly recommend coming down to check it out again. Drawing inspiration from club culture, the new design has arched mirrors lining the edge of the room and layers of sound treatment encased in a mesh ceiling installation that not only looks great, but has acoustically designed baffles which make for incredible sound quality.

Key features and 2024 upgrades

  • 1.2k capacity
  • Newly refurbished greenroom (refurbished Feb 2024)
  • Late license till 3.30AM
  • Upgraded L-Acoustics sound system
  • Better, faster bars installed
  • Newly refurbished toilets with increased cubicles
  • Options to expand event for a full venue takeover in EartH Theatre and EartH Kitchen, or add a room 2 for festival set ups
  • Spacious rooftop terrace area

For bookings, or for a tour of the space, contact:

Ian Crawford

Music Programmer

[email protected]