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It’s a Black Lips coup

Everyone’s favourite irreverent Bad Kids are headed over to EartH on Friday November 8, and it’s set to be one helluva night.

If you’ve never been witness to a Black Lips show, prepare for the ride of your life. If you’ve seen them before, you know the reckoning about to take place. 

With a forte for garage-toned punk rock, surf, psychedelia and raucous pit shows (their first live performances got them banned from several Georgia venues), the group may have had their fair share of line-up changes over the years, but something remains indelibly, singularly Black Lips. 

Formed in 2000, there aren’t many bands from the early 00s still delivering live sets with this kind of fervour, or making records to soundtrack a getaway car leaving town at sundown.

On November 8 we’ll be adding to that already-heady brew with DC trio Priests, Alex Sebley and Jessica Winter’s Pregoblin, Haunted Graffiti member Tim Koh and Los Bitchos all packed into the EartH Hall lineup. That makes it roughly two to three times better value than your usual I-lost-my-soul-in-the-encore shows. Bring shoes you don’t mind losing.

You’ll already know: ‘Bad Kids’, the party track to end all party tracks

You’ll love: ‘Funny’, for all its understated anthem qualities

Why not try: ‘Odelia’, their new single, taken off their upcoming album due in early 2020. Listen here.

Final tickets here.

By Ava Szajna-Hopgood