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Behind the Lens: Wyatt Dixon

Vampire Weekend play to a packed-out audience at EartH Theatre, by Wyatt Dixon

We continue our Behind the Lens series this month, shining a spotlight on the brilliant photographers working with EartH in-house across the majority of our shows.

With the temporary closure of our venue, it feels like an apt time to be taking stock of the people and their myriad talents that make EartH turn.

Wyatt Dixon has been at the centre of our operations for many years, working as an in-house photographer at EartH since our very first shows in 2018, and joining us from Village Underground where he’s been an in-house photographer for as long as many of us can remember!

As Wyatt mentions in his answers below, he began photographing friends in bands and establishing his network in 2015, and it shows in his work – always in the thick of it, always capturing the unforgettable on-stage moments that are gone in a flash if you’re not 100% focused on capturing them. Wyatt’s photography is consistently imbued with atmosphere – if you were there, you know. And if you weren’t, it’s easy to see you missed a mighty fine party.

The Receipts Podcast: Live at EartH Theatre by Wyatt Dixon

Below, we talk about Wyatt’s motivations for starting out as a photographer, the very tangible highs and lows of a career behind the lens, and why he’s still happy to brave mosh pits with his camera. Look out for his EartH Instagram takeover too, where Wyatt will be sharing his favourite photos and moments from documenting hundreds of artists and musicians at EartH.

EartH: When did you start your practice of photography?

Wyatt Dixon: I started working professionally in 2015, shooting my friends in pop punk banks across Camden and constantly networking with resources like Instagram and meeting people at creative events for young Londoners.

Jungle by Night perform in EartH Theatre, by Wyatt Dixon

EartH: Which photographers or styles of photography do you most admire?

WD: My favourite photographers are people I know personally and can look up to like Mo Abdulle and people who I found on my way into photography like Vicky Grout, Quann and Arto Saari. Who document things that I love with striking images, incredible craftsmanship and a depth of understanding that comes from emersion in the ocean of your field.

EartH: What originally drew you to photography?

WD: I wanted to document moments I saw of musicians performing that I didn’t see elsewhere, I wanted to work with creative friends and I saw an opportunity to release some energy. It’s tiring work starting any business, and I like the challenge, mosh pits are strange places to take the expensive and fragile tools of your trade, but that’s what I needed.

Little Simz plays EartH Hall, by Wyatt Dixon

EartH: What do you find a challenging element to it?

WD: I’ve spent many cold wet nights on a motorbike getting between gigs, I’ve spent midnight on New Years Eve in Rotherhithe tunnel and my birthday at EartH – I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I also have had some of my lowest moments in the height of my success after making basic errors or technical things not going my way. It gave me more drive than I already had to succeed and the ability to be present in my achievements.

EartH: What kind of photography projects do you work on outside of the work you do at EartH?

WD: I make my living photographing incredible properties and interiors and my development in all fields of photography and videography influence each other.

Ruby Wax and Simon Amstell with Sophie Heawood, at EartH Theatre by Wyatt Dixon

EartH: Are there any skills you’re honing at the moment regarding your photography?

WD: Drone photography! Whole other ball game, taking my craft into what seems like a whole other dimension. I also shoot a lot more on my iPhone, I believe the camera I choose to use is an extension of my eye and my editing, whilst I can always get a better shot on my Canon I love to get shots on my phone when inspiration hits and editing it on the Lightroom app.

EartH: Can you tell us three artists (photographers or otherwise) you’ve been inspired by recently?

WD: Doug Bridge – My friend Doug, he’s great

GOORAZZ – Did a tattoo for me which has been a very helpful reminder in these times

Estevan Oriol – Watch LA ORIGINALS on Netflix – Absolute must-see, brilliant story, excellent men.

EartH: Thank you so much Wyatt for your time and inspiring answers!

Make sure you’re following EartH on Instagram for Wyatt’s favourite shots later this week. And find more of Wyatt’s work on Instagram, and his website.