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Crowdfunder to save EartH and Village Underground.

Today, we launch a joint crowdfunding campaign with our venue down in Shoreditch Village Underground, to raise funds that will help us cover ongoing expenses, to resume operating during this unpredictable crisis and to continue once it is over.

In early March as the pandemic was causing chaos across the world, we went into business freefall and on 16 March, we made the difficult decision to fully close EartH and Village Underground until further notice.

The effect Covid-19 has had on the lives of the people and the businesses in our industry is devastating. 

Our focus here at EartH and Village Underground is directed at protecting the existence of both venues in order to be able to resume business and employment as operating becomes feasible. We strive to protect the long term livelihoods of our teams, and also to be part of a future for arts and music in London. 

It is not financially viable for us to operate at reduced capacity for most ticketed events, meaning we still don’t know when we will be able to re-open to the public and generate revenue that way again.  

Uncertainty remains but we haven’t given up!

We are searching high and low for other ways to generate money. VU is currently trialling use as secure cycle parking, servicing Shoreditch and the Liverpool Street Area, and we are thinking of opening a Cycle Park Bar on Friday and Saturday nights for the social cyclists. 

But nothing we can find to do at the moment is enough or covers our lost income, so we ask on you, our audiences to help us by donating to help us survive.


How will your donations be used?

As things slowly go back to normal, landlords and suppliers will expect us to resume payments whilst we are still not able to restart our normal operations and generate revenue. Your donations will be used to cover overheads, and where possible to provide some work to either our team or the wider arts/music industry. 

A note on overhead costs:

Our monthly overheads are £120,000 at EartH and £80,000 at VU. Many of these costs have already been reduced and some have been temporarily suspended but in all events, they remain uncovered into the future without additional financial assistance.


We’ve spent the last couple of months gathering some incredible rewards for your donations, which are listed on our crowdfunder page and include £10 raffle tickets for exclusive prizesname a seat in EartH theatre,  Free entry for You + 1 at VU & EartH for 5 years, a BBQ on Village Undergrounds rooftop and more.

There’s also something you can do to help for absolutely free: share our posts, tell your friends, co-workers and even your nan. Together we can save our venues and protect London’s nightlife


EartH Hall club night

Thank you for your support during these unpredictable and unprecedented times. We hope to see you again very very soon .