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Biig Piig

Jess “Biig Piig” Smyth is a songwriter, vocalist and musician based in Hammersmith, London.Born in Ireland but made all across Europe, Biig Piig documents the cold closing chapters of adolescence on her debut EP Big Fan of the Sesh, Vol. 1. She takes her moniker from an experience with a ropey sounding pizza name on a takeaway menu.

Jess started songwriting and performing at open mics from the age of 14 and has continued to do so, collaborating and making music with a variety of artists since.‚Äč

She released earlier singles in 2016 with Mac Wetha – who works as one of her main producers and sound engineers – and debuted her single ‘Vice City’ on Colors Berlin. Her first EP, Big Fan Of The Sesh, featured collaboration various NiNE8 members such as BONE SLIM and Mac.

She’s recently signed with RCA and just released her second single through the label, ‘Roses and Gold’, which has already received early support from 6music. Listen to Jess performing the track live below: