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Coby Sey

Coby Sey is a producer, vocalist and DJ, who after years spent buzzing around the DIY artist circuitry of South East London has developed a distinctive presence as a performer and producer offering a shifting, disorienting vision of club music.

A long-time collaborator with Mica Levi, Tirzah, CURL, Babyfather, Klein, and Kwes, Coby’s recorded work spans the realms of live instrumentation, sample-based productions and experimental music, melding recognisable motifs of hip hop, drone, jazz, grime and more into a dubbed-out anaesthesia.

On stage, these dreamlike compositions are imbued with a heavy, uneasy dancefloor energy, and fleshed out by live instrumentation courtesy of regular cohorts including Alpha Maid, Momoko Gill and Ben Vince.

Upcoming events

  • Pitchfork Festival London X AD93: COBY SEY, MOIN + BAR ITALIA

    Wednesday November 9 2022