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Good Compny

Prolific rapper/producer Oddisee formed the band Good Compny in order to perform his songs in concert, since they heavily incorporate live instrumentation. Reflecting the rich musical landscape of their Washington, D.C. hometown, the band’s music is a vibrant mixture of jazz, funk, go-go, gospel, soul, and hip-hop. Highly energetic and versatile, the group have a very tight, dynamic sound, and their concerts include call and response vocals and audience participation. The band consists of drummer/vocalist Jon Laine, bassist Dennis Turner, vocalist/keyboardist Ralph Washington, guitarist/vocalist Olivier St. Louis, MPC player Richard Patterson, and lead vocalist Oddisee. Good Compny have been active since 2011, when Oddisee was working on his 2012 full-length People Hear What They See. Oddisee and Good Compny’s live album, Beneath the Surface, was released by Mello Music Group in 2017.