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Moor Mother

Moor Mother’s music is a history lesson, a future lesson, and a comment on the present all at once. And really it is more than a lesson, its a soundscape to these different time dimensions, so that you are hearing and experiencing not only music, but you get the voices of the ancestors, the whispers of our descendants, and the field sounds of the future and past landscapes. She presents an immersive experience in her music that unfolds or unearths some of the hidden dimensions that are embedded in sounds.

  • “Camae Ayewa channels the politics of noise music and Afrofuturism for a deeply confrontational and affecting album that makes real and visceral the trauma of the past.”

  • “On her widely acclaimed debut album proper, Philadelphia’s Moor Mother protests and sounds out against the current state of race relations in USA, using a dense weave of field recordings, machinery, analog noise makers and, most prominently, her wildly processed vocals to punch her message in no uncertain terms.”

moor mother